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Main Features


TK205 is a mini GPS tracker,support 2g/GSM network,It has a variety of alarm functions, such as overspeed alarms. And it can cut off the oil remotely.Procurement for wholesale customers.


1.GPS tracking can be worked outdoor. Must have mobile phone GSM signal and have GPS signal, It can block GPS satellite signal when there are metal or building above the GPS tracker.
2.Please make sure GSM 2G SIM card or 4G/3G compatibility 2G GSM network sim card, supports making calls, sending messages, GPRS network, have money

Main Function:

1. Real-time tracking: You will can real-time track the target on google maps easily, anywhere, anytime. you can tracking by : Web server;mobile app;SMS Command.
2. Cut off oil or power (option relay): You can remotely cut off the oil once the car was stolen or meet some emergency, of course you also can resume it.
3. GPS+LBS two positioning ways: No worry about inside tracking or GPS signal blind area tracking, So no matter where the device is, we can locate it in real time.
4. Support Website tracking and APP tracking
5. Over-speed Alarm: When your speed is over what you set, it will send alarm to remind you keep safe. This basic alarm function, because this function is set, can prevent many accidents from happening. When the object travels faster than the speed range we set, we can receive the alarm information in time.


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TK205 Mini Car GPS Tracker Remote Cut Off Oil Real-time GSM GPS GPS Vehicle Tracker Locator Black